Big Fish Class

Room 222
Leaders: Martin Shaffer 
The focus of the Big Fish class is provide a spiritual environment of study where the more mature members of our church will facilitate biblical studies that apply to all generations of adults who attend. At the same time, our younger generation participants will drive communication, gatherings and an overall direction in the class. Enthusiasm is a signature trait of our class–we are excited to fellowship, pray, and study the Word together. And, in addition to our Sunday studies, we strive to meet outside the normal environment of the church for fellowship that will continue to build our personal relationships with one another.
Come join us, get to know us, share your lives, victories and struggles as we all prepare ourselves for a life of growth and missional living, remembering that in all this YNA–You are Not Alone. Currently covering a book called Everyday Prayers – 365 days to a gospel centered faith.