Adult Sunday School 

Sunday School Class Offerings

Fall Sunday School Classes will begin on Sunday, September 19

On September 19th, we will start back with four Sunday school classes. The first Sunday (September 19th) we will begin with an overview of our goals for Sunday school as well as a brief description of each class from one of the teachers. The following week those classes will meet around our campus and adults will choose which class they would like to attend. Each class will run the length of the semester and culminate in December. A new class schedule will start in January. We can’t wait to get started!! More info to come!
  • Studying Hebrews, 8:30am, Teachers – Tom Towne, Ford Bowers
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, 10:45am, Teachers – Jimmy Knowles, Billy Rowell
  • Emotional Intelligence, 10:45am, Teachers – Kevin Arrowood, Jack Carmody, Dean Kubacz
  • Studying 1&2 Peter, 10:45am, Teachers – James Taylor, Brooks Williams
Youth and children’s classes will be offered during the 10:45 AM time frame as well.