Global missions is a high priority at Chapin Presbyterian Church. As obedient followers of Christ, we are engaged in both financial support of commissioned missionaries and annual mission trips by members of the congregation to these fields. Supported missionaries and their families regularly speak at our church when they are in the U.S. and each year we have several events to promote world missions to our congregation.

Local Mission Trip to Estill, SC – Saturday, June 13

Volunteers are needed to go to Estill, SC, on Saturday, June 13, to help do repair work on an elderly couple’s home that was damaged several weeks ago when the tornadoes went through. We will be building a ramp and repairing the porch. Should you accept this mission, YOU will need to bring water and lunch. The drive is approx. 2 hours & 20 minutes, meet at CPC @ 7 AM – we will return when the work is done!
Questions, contact Billy Rowell (803-767-8421) or Jim Cain (803-600-4414)

Faith Promise Sunday is June 7, 2020.

Dr. John Harvey, Dean of the Seminary & School of Ministry, Columbia International University, will be preaching as we emphasize missions around the world that weekend. Please prayerfully consider how you will give out of Christ’s abundant provision to you.

Missions Sunday

Faith Promise Giving

Faith Promise is a means of funding missions in the local church. It has been used for many years to help congregations increase their giving to God’s missionary work.
This Faith Promise is a commitment between an individual and God. It is a one year promise of a sum of money that an individual, in dependence upon God, intends to give to missions. It is not based on money that people have on hand. The aim is higher. People are urged to ask God what they should trust him for, the amount that He will enable them to give for missions during the coming year. Faith Promise cards will be distributed to each person or couple on Faith Promise Sunday. The individual or couple will prayerfully consider how much they are willing to trust the Lord to enable them to give to world missions over and above their tithes.